Big Nate: Lives it Up is the seventh novel in the "Big Nate" series. In this book, Nate meets a new kid named Breckenridge Puffington III and P.S. 38 has a centennial.


A new student named Breckenridge Puffington III comes to P.S. 38 and it is Nate's job to be his buddy. But Randy keeps bullying him for his unusual name and his intrest for flowers. Later they find the school is 100 years old and P.S. 38 is having a big party and a scavenger hunt!


  • This book reveals four things unanswered in the past:
    • Principal Nichols's first name is Wesley.
    • Breckenridge Puffington III is actually Bobby that bullied Nate in their preschool years.
    • P.S. 38 is 100 years old.
    • P.S. 38 is hiding a mural that was mysterious and led P.S. 38 being seen on the news.
  • This is the third time Dee Dee wears a costume. The first two were Big Nate: Flips Out and Big Nate: Goes For Broke.
  • This the most famous Big Nate novel since characters (such as Nate) recall the events of previous novels.
  • On page 208, It shows that they were on the news because Breckenridge found a valuable painting.
  • At the end, Nate, Francis, Teddy, Chad, Dee Dee and Breckenridge got to go on a Hot Air Baloon for winning the scavenger hunt. Breckenridge did not go on it, which likely means he is afraid of heights, which might mean Breckenridge is acrophobic.
  • While Breckenridge is about to get a swirly by Randy and Nate tries to stop him, Nate is hit on the head by a celing tile. The celing tile hit him because the school was 100 years old, so the ceilings were torned due to age. 

Goofs and Errors

  • In Page 195, Nate says there is no way Gina will know the photograph of PS 38's photograph of their first principal is in the detention room since she does not have detention. However, in the end of Big Nate: Strikes Again, she did get detention.
  • In the scene where it shows Bobby and Breckenridge in pictures, Nate claims they are the same person. Despite this, Bobby's freckles and nose was in the middle of his face while Breckenridge has his own freckles and nose reaching into his eyes.
  • It is unknown why Nate told Mrs. Godfrey that Randy was the one who drew on the desk when he says that it has his fingerprints on it. Possibly, Mrs. Godfrey may have not believed him (referenced in the first book), or Randy may beat him up later (from the second book).
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