Big Nate Goes for Broke-Cover

Big Nate: Goes for Broke is the fourth Big Nate book of the novel series.

Release Date

March 20, 2012.


Jefferson Middle School has always (except for a debate) beat P.S. 38 at almost everything. Nate decides it is time for P.S. 38 to surpass them for once, but this will not be easy when a sprinkler malfunction has messed up P.S. 38 and caused the students to have to stay at Jefferson until the problem is resolved.


Main Characters



  • On Page 1, Nate and Chad appear too tall, appearing to be the same size as the lockers.
  • On Page 118, Dee Dee does not have long earrings unlike in most of her appearances.
  • On page 208, Nate has his cast off. However, he should have it on, since starting on page 138 and foward, Nate's cast is on.


Behind the Scenes

  • P.S. 38's mold issues in the novel may have been based off the comic strip arc starting on September 1, 2008
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