Some content in this article is derived from information featured in Big Nate novels, and, as such, spoilers will be present.


Big Nate: Genius Mode is a comic strip collection released on May 7, 2013. It is the 10th comic strip collection book and is preceded by Big Nate: All Work and No Play and is followed by Big Nate: Game On!


  • Nate claims he has a syndrome.
  • Nate finds out Spitsy is half French Poodle.
  • Nate sends a Valentine's cookie to Gina instead of Tina, which starts everyone thinking that Nate likes Gina.
  • Marty Wright takes power yoga classes, and Nate uses this to help Ellen practice her laugh
  • Jenny kissed Nate when they were younger, but Nate soon found out that Jenny kissed all the boys in the class.
  • Teddy, Francis, and Nate build a treehouse, but they have never used it in any other comics.
  • Nate decided that he won't do any schoolwork until high school, because he realized no one gets into college based on what they did in middle school.
  • Artur, Francis, and Teddy all quit Enslave the Mollusk, leading to the collapse of the band.
  • Nate learned hypnosis.
  • Chad outsmarted Nate by pulling a wedgie on him on prank day.
  • Nate is required to read one book a week due to his lousy report card, and he and his dad Martin Wright get together every week to discuss the books.
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