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Big Nate Flips Out is the 5th installment of the Big Nate novel series that was released Februay 5th, 2013.


Nate gets 50 popcicles to co-edit the Chronicle (yearbook) so Gina won't screw it up. Things take a turn when Nate's sloppiness causes him to lose the camera for the Chronicle, getting Francis in trouble and breaking their friendship. Now, Teddy and Dee Dee get Teddy's Uncle Pedro to hypnotize Nate into becoming neater in order to reunite their friendship and to find the camera. But will it work, or cause Nate to flip out?


  • This novel marks the first major appearance of Nick Blonsky and the second major appearance of Dee Dee.
  • When Nate cleans and organizes his locker, one of the things he finds is the head of a lawn gnome. This is a reference to Big Nate On A Roll when he accidently decapitates a lawn gnome when trying to earn money.
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