The Beach Party Dance was a dance that took place in the P.S. 38 Gym. Sandy and the Surfriders, a band, performed there.

Nate was trying to ask Dee Dee something but he forgot what he was saying. Dee Dee thought he was going to ask her to the dance, and she said she would go with him. Before Nate could say anything, Dee Dee told all her friends. So, on the day of the dance, Nate picked Dee Dee up from her house and walked to the school. Nate was changing in the bathroom when Randy stole Nate's clothes. Nate signaled Dee Dee and she brought him an extra set of clothes: a grass skirt. Nate was embarrassed but it turned out everyone found it cool because he was wearing the same clothes as the band that was playing.

Sprinkler System Malfunction

The Sprinkler System malfunctioned and it started raining. Principal Nichols ended the dance early. It was really chaotic. Nate started walking with Teddy and Francis to have hot chocolate when Dee Dee called. She said someone stole her boots so Nate had to carry her home.

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