Audrey is a 20 year old college lifeguard who usually works at the beach. Nate Wright, for some reason, has a crush on Audrey although she does not return his love.


After making it through all twelve grades of school, Audrey became a lifeguard. She also studied physical therapy in college. Nate Wright had a crush on Audrey, although, of course, Audrey did not return this love. Wright was actually using her to make Jenny jealous. Audrey read out Nate's script with the exact words: "Hi, Nate. Gosh, you look tanned and muscular", with Nate thinking it would make Jenny jealous. This did fail, because Nate isn't that good at tricking people verbally.

Physical Appearance

Audrey is relatively slender and has blonde hair.


In August 23, 1994, Her face was shown. In the newer comics, Audrey's face is for some reason, never shown. Only her legs, usually in the same position, are shown.

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