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Artur Pashkov (pronounced “art-oor”) (Belarusian: Артур Пашков) is an exchange student from the Republic of Belarus and one of Nate's all-time frenemies until Nate became friends with him. He is a member of Enslave the Mollusk, the Timber Scouts, and the Doodlers. Artur is said to be very intelligent. He is a major character in Big Nate. Nate is annoyed with the fact that Jenny likes Artur instead of him and Artur's ability to defeat Nate at chess, taking away his title of number one player on the Chess Club. Artur is very nice to Nate and regards him as his best friend, and is generally unaware about the one part of Nate that really hates him. Artur speaks English in a broken way, which is what Nate thinks the reason is for girls liking Artur so much. Artur joined Enslave the Mollusk (despite Nate's protests) and became the lead singer, which moved Nate to drums.

Artur is also the number one chess player on the team, which Nate isn't so happy about since he was knocked down to the second-best player because of Artur. On May 11, 2002, Artur let Nate win a chess match between the two. Later, on June 7, 2002, Francis told Nate that Artur had let him win at the chess because he was being nice to him.


Early life

Artur lived in the Republic of Belarus (Byelorussia in Russian), before enrolling in P.S. 38. It is unclear which town in Belarus he was born in.

PS:38 Years

P.S. 38 Cartooning Club

Artur later joined the P.S. 38 Cartooning Club as a member.

Personality and Traits

Artur's main expression

Artur is generally and mostly an innocent, gentle, kind, sweet, and unassuming kid. Artur is an outstanding student who is very nice to everyone around him. Artur often has luck fall his way for almost everything, but he remains modest and does not get mad if he loses, unlike most characters in the series.

He is clueless to what Nate and his friends usually do, such as not telling the difference between horseplay and fighting.


Artur is very good at painting, drawing and chess. He's currently the Number 1 player in the Chess Club and is the boys' age-group chess champion of Belarus, his home country. He has gotten the "Spotlight" in Mr. Rosa's classroom three weeks in a row. He is said to be very lucky, much to the annoyance of Nate, who calls him "Mr. Lucky."

Behind the Scenes

One of Artur's facial expressions.

  • Artur is the third least likely person to get detention, according to Nate.
  • Artur created a Garfield parody called " Fish Breath," annoying Nate because it took away his comic from the spotlight from him.
  • Some people falsely think that Artur is from Turkey. Artur and his father (a college professor) went to Turkey to do research, but it is not their native country.
  • Artur tried out for Enslave the Mollusk and eventually joined to replace Nate as a vocalist. Nate then became the drummer.
  • Despite his huge popularity, the most popular boy in school, Marcus Goode, has called him a loser.
  • He is a Scorpio, just like Nate Wright.
  • His first appearance was in this comic:
  • Artur is the boys' age group chess champion of Belarus.
  • He's allergic to spaghetti sauce, as seen in Big Nate: Say Goodbye To Dork City.
  • He has a Twitter Account in which he tweets to his girlfriend, Jenny, every day when he moved to Istanbul for six months.
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  • He has a big dog he used to scare Nate away because he tried to rip Artur off with a calendar with an irrelevant year.