Angie was one of Nate's girlfriends whom he met in summer school. They dated for 6 months, 11 days, 4 hours, and 32 minutes, from July 14, 1997 to February 12, 1998 which Nate counted for the whole time on a watch.


Angie breaks up with Nate.

Angie breaks up with Nate

Angie met Nate Wright in summer school when he was bluffing about being a tutor and a detention monitor (until he got busted by Mrs. Godfrey. She eventually dumped him for Dan LaBreque according to Nate. Angie was seen again on a June 1998 comic strip at the spring formal, where she and Dan were having some problems which Nate helped them solve. A few months later, she and Nate met again, this time as rivals, and ran against each other for class president. Nate thought of Angie as a rival at that time, but Angie seemed to treat Nate like a friend. Angie is said to have run Nate's campaign better than Nate did.

Physical Appearance

Angie has black hair, brown eyes and her skin is darker than Nate's but lighter than Teddy's.


  • On the day of school pictures in 1997, Angie wore a pinkish purplish dress.

Behind the Scenes

  • Despite leaving Nate behind, Angie was seen in a few strips in June 1998 at a school dance and in September 1998 when she ran against Nate for class president. Angie hasn't been seen since, but she was mentioned on 18 June 2013 when Francis mentioned that he went out with her. Angie first appeared in the book Big Nate: Dibs On This Chair and The Complete Big Nate Volume 7 and 8.


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