Can't find what you're looking for? This is the article for Amanda, Nate's former locker partner. You may be looking for Amanda Kornblatt.

Amanda Woodcock is a female student who temporarily attended P.S. 38. She was locker partners with Nate Wright, but only for a day. She also mentioned that her dad is in the military.


Upon moving to New York, Amanda was assigned as Nate Wright's locker partner. Although Nate is originally upset that he cannot choose his own partner, he quickly develops a huge crush on her when they meet. Nate continually raves over this, believing a romance could blossom, temporarily abandoning his crush on Jenny Jenkins. Nate's two best friends, Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz, who are both very annoyed by this. During lunch, Francis points out she is already going out with another boy, named Jeremy. Amanda reveals this to Nate soon after.

Physical Appearance

Amanda is slender and has blonde hair. She is also very voluptuous.

Personality and Traits

Amanda generally maintains a very calm demeanor. She is also a polite and respectful person. Apparently she can make friends very quickly.



On her first day at P.S. 38, Amanda quickly bonded with Jeremy throughout the school day. Making arrangements, Amanda opted out of her position as Nate Wright's locker partner.

Nate Wright

When Amanda Woodcock first moved in town, Nate was briefly her locker partner. Nate quickly developed a huge crush on her, which Amanda may or may not have been aware of. However, Amanda quickly opted out of this position for Jeremy, which made Nate furious.

Behind the Scenes

Amanda only appeared once, in "Big Nate Out Loud." It is unlikely that she will appear again.

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