Amanda Kornblatt is a sixth-grade student at P.S. 38. She has an obsession with horses and has several books about them which she reads at the BBC. This was in the Big Nate book, Big Nate: Goes For Broke.


  • When Mrs. Hickson told Amanda's class about P.S. 38 when it was first built, Amanda got excited and imagined people riding horses to school.
  • Some of the horse-related books Amanda reads are Pony Time and the Wonderflanks series: (Wonderflanks, and Wonderflanks 2: The Race)
  • Nate Wright had joked about her books, calling Wonderflanks 3 and 4 plus 5 "the nap", "the coma",and "the skull fracture".



Many readers had wondered why Amanda hadn't appeared in the comic strips, only the novels. Other readers had stated that she had appeared, but she hadn't spoken.

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