Achilles Gets the Point is a snow sculpture built by Nate Wright and his teammates during the Ultimate Snowdown.


  • The arrow that punctured Achilles' heel was really an icicle that Nate and Teddy pulled off of Teddy's garage roof.
  • The "blood" around the icicle was red nail polish that Dee Dee Holloway applied to "pump up the drama", so to speak.


  • In the Ultimate Snowdown, Nate's opponents, Nolan and his classmates from Jefferson Middle School, tried to take a bad approach in making their snow sculpture by patting snow around a real cavalier's suit of armor. Despite Nolan's team not technically cheating, their tactic wasn't very imaginative; and imagination was the approach that the judges, Mrs. Everett and Mr. Rosa were looking for.
  • Nate's team defeated Jefferson Middle School because their snow sculpture was very creative and Jefferson's had no imagination
  • It was the first time that P.S. 38 won against Jefferson in seven years.
  • The name, "Achilles Gets the Point", implies that the arrow was a point and Achilles had it, and it also implies that Achilles got the "point" that anyone could be beaten.

Behind the scenes


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